Tiger tradinG Co

To launch in New York, Tiger Beer needed to challenge stereotypes of what ‘made-in-Asia’ means.

So we went to the heart of Chinatown’s Canal Street - a place famous for selling cheap Asian goods - and created the Tiger Trading Co, Chinatown’s most exclusive discount store.

Instead of disposable trinkets, our store was filled with the best Asian art, fashion, tech and design.  Only by purchasing a Tiger Beer from a partner bars, could people gain entry and receive a voucher for any item inside.

We supported this on social with geo-targeted content supporting local bars serving Tiger Beer, influencer content on each night of the event, and awareness focused content to educate New Yorkers of Tiger Beer. 

With the store selling out 3 nights in a row and queues lasting for 12 hours, Tiger bars saw a 23% increase in sales following the event.